is one in every ofthe foremostexpensive cities within the world.

But their square measure still superb and reasonable hostels in Edowhereveryou’ll be able to keep and lower your costs!

Like Edo itself, the hostels here square measure clean, arty, and have ample charm. tons of them square measure super fashionable with lovely ornament. Wi-Fi is normal, and plenty of have cookery facilities too. Beds typically price between a pair of,000 and 5,000 JPY ($18-45 USD) per night. They host events, serve plenty of tea, and have very little cubbies you’ll be able to sleep in.

Whether you’re searching fora soothing keep or to party the night away, the town has one thing for everyone!

Tokyo will hostels right!

To help you intend your trip, here is my list of thirteen hostels in Edo that i favor the foremost.

1. Khaosan Tokyo Origami

This hostel is in Asakusa and solely a five-minute walk to Senso-Ji Temple and also the Asakusa station. The hostel is clean and there’s air-conditioning. The rooms are pretty spacious, that’s unusual in most capital of Japan hostels. The beds a cozy and comfortable, and their ar privacy curtains.

There’s additionally pleasant common lounge with free occasional and tea, and you’ll use the room 24/7. You’ll additionally fancy some further comforts, like the slippers they supply, and also the free, straightforward breakfast of toast and coffee/tea. The lounge on the eighth floor may be an aexcellent place to hold out, play video games, and soak up the views over Tokyo!

2. Sheena and Ippei

Sheena and Ippei could be a little hostel set in downtown Tokyo, close to the Ikebukuro station. The ornamentation here is sort of distinctive because the homeowners have used stunning Japanese materials to line the walls. The place is extremely homely, and also the employee’s area unit very useful once it involves suggesting things to try and round the space. there’s no room, however, you’ll be able to use the microwave and icebox.

The first floor is truly home to a restaurant equipped with stitching machines that customers will use (local folks build handicrafts and hold events here each week). It turns into a hostel lounge within the evenings, and you’ll be able to have appetizers and sake on the weekends.

3. Hostel Chapter Two Tokyo

Chapter 2 may be a little, family-run hostel shortly from Skytree Station in Asakusa. I actually just like the shared room and customary space, as there’s a true social feel thereto. The dorms fashionable, immaculate, and nicely equipped. you’ll book a deluxe pod, which provides you a partitioned-off bed with a privacy curtain, that may be a nice modification from the open-concept dormitory.

There’s additionally good read of the Sumida stream — try and get a bed facing it! The upper side terrace comes with a co-working space, and it’s a terrific choice for quiet and hanging out. The owner is super friendly!

4. Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

This hotel’s location in Asakusa is stellar: simply a one-minute walk to Kaminarimon (the gates to Senso-Ji), Asakusa Temple, and therefore the Asakusa station. The rooms square measure bit uninteresting, however they’re cozy and clean, and everyone has nut suite bogs. attempt to get an area upstairs, therefore, you’re not right next to the front room (which will get rowdy at night). If you’ll get a read of the Skytree Tower, you’re in luck!

The common room offers free occasional and tea, and you get free shampoo and conditioner. The employees basically nice, and that they have takoyaki (snack) parties wherever you’ll learn all concerning Japanese culture and nightlife.

5. Hostel Bedgasm

Located in the East Japanese capital, Hostel Bedgasm includes an aspirited bar, and guests get a free drink nightly. It’s an atiny low gesture, however it’s an excellent thanks to meet different travelers and to socialize. The boys square measure clean, and there are a typical room and a quiet upside terrace space. There’s lots of storage for your things, and therefore the workers is extremely helpful!

The neighborhood isn’t too rackety and has nice food choices — particularly the close ramen place and shop (the work rescan purpose you within the right direction). you’ll get to Ueno, Ginza, Roppongi, and therefore the Tsukiji fish market direct by the railway line from here.

6. Kaisu Hostel

Kaisu accustomed be a ryotei, a conventional Japanese building with activity geishas. The building has unbroken one of its original design, like tatami-style non-public rooms with massive windows and a high ceiling; the dorms have bunk beds with curtains for additional privacy. This hostel could be a bit costlier, however, it feels additional sort of abuilding than a hostel and is immaculate. It’s not a celebration place, however you’ll meet tons of fellow travelers at the restaurant.

Plus, guests get 2 free shots of sake on Tuesdays, and free breakfast each morning! Roppongi, Aoyama, and also theNational Art Center are among walking distance.

7. Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

This hostel chain has many branches across Japan. The national capital location in Kuramae (next to the Kuramae station on the Oedo line) incorporates a friendly, hospitable atmosphere. There’s a sunny, comfy common space close to the doorway, and an often regular sushi-making category, wherever you’ll be able to create some new friends. Breakfast isn’t enclosed, however, there’s a full room with free low and tea. It’s not specifically within the center of the national capital, therefore set up on disbursement minimum of half-hour to urge to and from the hostel. Still, it’s a pleasant neighborhood and an honest place to remain if you’re feeling engulfed by Tokyo’s craziness.

8. Unplan Kagurazaka

This hostel is just a couple of years recent, therefore it’s still terribly clean and classy, with wooden flooring and minimalist decoration. Unplan encompasses type ofarea designs, starting from dorms to personal rooms with four beds, creating it an honest accep table everybody from solo travelers to families. There’s a public restaurant on the primary floor that serves glorious occasional and turns into a bar at midnight, with lots of sake and native beers to settle on from.

Breakfast is free and hearty. you’ve got to pay further for the rentable pocket Wi-Fi (JP¥ 400/$4 USD), though. Unplan could be a pricier hostel than most, however, its location at the middle of the town and its quality rooms build it worthwhile.

9. CITAN Hostel

CITAN may be a reformist paradise within the Nihonbashi space, and what I might decide a “boutique” hostel. The building is seven stories, with one hundred thirty beds, everything is unbroken clean, and therefore the showers have sturdy water pressure. The common space on the primary floor may be a relaxed repair, and there’s a decent room for preparation.

There’s an additionallyan incredible cafe (Berth Coffee) on the primary floor and a bar and edifice within the basement. This bar is packed on weekends, and not simply with hostel guests; there’s additionally typically a DJ on Sat nights.

Because of this, it doesn’t have that abundant of a hostel ambiance. however the neighborhood is peaceful, thus you’ll get a decent night’s sleep.

10. Space Hostel Tokyo

This is a comfy, chill hostel within the Kitano space, about to the Skytree Tower and simply a three-minute walk to the Iriya station. The rooms area unit super clean and therefore the bed’s area unit cozy, with down quilts. I really like the top lounge, and there’s a little however tightrope mand customary space.

But the most effective issue concerning this hostel is its events: you’ll make a choice from sushi-making parties, penmanship categories, art experiences, and Japanese language lessons. Bring cash, as payment is due at arrival.

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