Costa Rica is one in every of the foremost visited countries in Central America. yank tourists are flocking to the country for years, and it’s become a hot spot for retirees and expats because of its low-cost living, nice weather, wonderful beaches, and friendly locals.

I love Central American country. it had been the primary place that impressedPine Tree State to travel.

It holds a special place in my heart.

I’ve been back to go to Central American country over and over since then, falling dotty with it over and yet again.

But, as a result of it’s not as low-cost to go to as its neighbors, several budget travelers overlookCentral American country.

And, whereas that’s true (but there square measure some ways to avoid wasting cash in Costa Rica), in my opinion, the wonder of the destinations below is well worth the further value.

Here square measure a number of my favorite destinations in Costa Rica:

1. Puerto Viejo

Located on the Caribbean coast close to Panama, Puerto Viejo is fashionable types and backpackers thanks to its nice beaches, surfing, and party atmosphere. The city is incredibly spirited and you’ll notice one thin happening nightly. It’s in all probability the foremost common destination on the Caribbean coast. There are|are} several quiet beach hotels around for people who are searching for some peace and quiet. there additionally a big cat rescue center close that rehabilitates all forms of native life and releases them back to the wild.

2. Cahuita

Cahuita, a little city located right next to a surprising parkland with constant name, is concerning associate hour north of Puerto Viejo. Cahuita may be a place to relax. There’s one bar in the city that gets spirited (sometimes it’s [*fr1]full!), except for the foremost half, once daily of hiking, animal recognizing, swimming, or surfing, the general public simply sit around and browse. The region is understood for its Afro-Caribbean influences, that you may notice within the food and native culture as you unwind with some course crepes or grilled chicken.

3. Tortuguero

Tortuguero (which suggests that ‘Land of Turtles’) is that the Costa Rican version of the Amazon forest. It dominates the northern coast, with Tortuguero park spanning over seventy seven,000 acres. This hugespacemay be a series of rivers and canals that crisscross the jungle. the most importantattractsto the presentspacesquare measurethe bignumbers of turtles (hence the name) that come back to nest on the boundary. the simplest time to check them nesting is in Apriland should, however if you’re visiting throughout the off-season, you’ll still be ready to go hiking and participate in canal cruises. However, there’s legionlifeto checkyear-round .

4. Corcovado

Corcovado Park is on the remote Osa earth in southwestern Central American country. Established in 1975, the park covers a locality of 424 sq. kilometers, creating it the most important park within the country. tho’ additional well-liked than it accustomed be, it’s still an awfully rugged, quiet, and off-the-beaten-path destination during a country wherever nearly everything is on the overwhelmed path. The earth isn’t simple to urge to (which helps keep tourists away), however, your efforts are going to be greatly rewarded with deserted beaches, loads of life, nice hiking, camping, and plenty of marine life. It’s one in every of the simplest places within the country. To me, this is often in all probability-one in every of the simplest places within the entire country. strive to not miss it!

5. Arenal

Sitting at Associate in Nursing elevation of one,670m, Arenal is one in all Costa Rica’s several volcanoes. It still erupts from time to time, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be ready to see volcanic rock flowing down the volcano. (Though, it’s less seemingly to happen because the volcano has been dormant for the last seven years). Fun fact: I got lost within the jungle around here.

The area has a lot of terrific activities: there’s awful water (La Fortuna), the parkland with nice hiking, sunset views over the lake, caving, rafting choices, and known hot springs. With most try to, it’s no marvel it’s one in all the foremost visited places within the country.

6. Manuel Antonio

A popular beach destination on the seashore, Manuel Antonio’s wide, white-sand beaches and heat blue waters aren’t the sole attractions folks return for. The near park, that opened in 1972, sees over one hundred fifty,000 guests annually and is home to nice hiking trails, variety of secluded beaches, and offers up the possibility to look at3completely different types of native monkeys. It’s become tons additional crowded and developed over the years. It’s undoubtedly not the park I initial visited in 2006. That said, you’ll still see tons of life and therefore the beaches within the pace are broken amazingly pristine! Admission to the park is $16 USD per person, although youngsters beneath twelve enter without charge.

7. Monteverde

The nation’s premier cloud forest is the home to the elusive quetzal birds. the majority return to Monteverde for a glimpse of this unusual person. the world is one amongst the biggest eco-tourism hubs within the country, and over 250,000 individuals visit per annum. Monteverde, that rests right the divide, experiences high winds and weird weather patterns. the complete space is incredibly inexperienced and wet. Witness it all on a zip-line journey through the tree cover or explore a number of the sky bridges within the space. Expect to pay around $50 USD per person for zip-lining.

8. Poas Volcano

A great expedition from San José, Poas Volcano is a lively stratovolcano with twin calderas full of sulfur lakes. The lakes area unit therefore still, you’ll check out your image and suppose you painted the color on. The volcanos last erupted in 2017, and have truly erupted forty times since 1828! There area unit some tiny trails round the space too. Arrive early within the morning to avoid the clouds closing in and ruin the read.

9. Santa Teresa

At very cheap of the Nicoya coast is that the hipsterpac her city of Santa Theresa. This “town” is actually nothing quite a beach with a road lined with eateries, yoga centers, surf shops, and hostels. everybody gets up early to hit the waves, that the overall atmosphere in the city is pretty relaxed. You won’t realize the help of crazy parties here. Santa Teresa may be an asmart place to lie on the beach, hang around with folks, and relax. thanks to the “chill” ambiance, many of us find yourself staying in Santa Theresa for weeks, and even months, on end.

While everything in the Republic of Costa Rica may be a bit popular and a wee bit jammed, I feel the variety of life, natural beauty, white-sand beaches, superb sunsets, and warm, clear water create it definitely worth the value. There’s still such a lot of unknown and unvested a part of the country. Plus, the locals here area unit is super nice and hospitable.

Be sure to go toRepublic of Costa Rica – and use this list to start out your planning!

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